Celebrating breakthroughs in Colonoscopy

Norgine partnered with United European Gastroenterology (UEG) to create an exhibition celebrating 50 years since the first colonoscopy in 1969 and the subsequent impact it has had on patients' lives and wellbeing.

The impact of successful colonoscopies on patients' lives

We commissioned Fabric Lenny, a UK artist, to create a family of
paintings representing what having a successful colonoscopy has
meant to five patients.

50 years of colonoscopy

Michael's story

Michael,* United Kingdom, aged 59, living with
stage IV colorectal cancer

Michael had been living with ulcerative colitis since the early nineties so hadn’t noticed any new symptoms when his regular colonoscopy confirmed he had colorectal cancer. He later found out the cancer had also spread to his liver. Michael and his wife renewed their vows in Las Vegas on their 30th wedding anniversary, surrounded by their family.

Note from the artist

I grew up in a household where the daily soundtrack was provided by Elvis Presley, so I immediately latched on to the imagery, the joy and abandon of a fun-filled Vegas wedding celebration presided over by Elvis.

This painting is a celebration of life, love and companionship.

Vegas Wedding in Red (thank you very much)
Acrylic on canvas. 140cm x 140cm

Silvia's story

Silvia,* Germany, aged 32, living with
stage IV colorectal cancer

Silvia has been living with stage IV colorectal cancer for four years and experienced symptoms for around five months before a colonoscopy confirmed her diagnosis. She’s successfully fought to change the law in Germany so that fertility treatment is included in insurance plans for young people with cancer. She now spends lots of time with the people who are most important to her.

Note from the artist

Positivity, prioritisation, friendship, love and loyalty were the elements of this story that guided the process and informed the imagery and colour choices within this painting.

This work underlines the importance of connections and the beauty that can be found in simple pleasures.

Life, Love and Honesty in Teal
Acrylic on canvas. 140cm x 140cm

James' story

James,* United Kingdom, aged 55, living with
stage IV colorectal cancer

James led an extremely healthy lifestyle before his diagnosis, competitively running, and regularly practicing yoga and mixed martial arts, so finding out he had stage IV cancer really shocked him. Since diagnosis six years ago, James has travelled to Asia and America several times, volunteers for and supports Bowel Cancer UK, and has adopted a dog.

Note from the artist

The importance of companionship, connections and shared experiences stood out for me in this story, be it with family, friends or the family dog.

In this painting I wanted to create a scene of conversation, togetherness and balance.

Companions in Blue with Sun Bear
Acrylic on canvas. 140cm x 140cm

Matteo's story

Matteo,* Italy, aged 78, living with
stage IV colorectal cancer

After noticing some unusual symptoms, Matteo spoke with his doctor and arranged to have a colonoscopy to see what was causing them. Unfortunately it showed that he had colorectal cancer and required surgery. But over time Matteo has become philosophical about his situation – he still has a good quality of life, cancer is a common part of growing older, and it is just a minor inconvenience compared to other experiences he’s had.

Note from the artist

The imagery within this piece grew slowly over time as I digested the various elements of his story. What eventually won through was simplicity, calmness, acceptance, and happiness. Each of these elements is reflected within the uncluttered composition and the vibrancy of the yellow ground.

I wanted the viewer to be bathed in the glowing yellow of this painting and find a connection with the patterns and shape that build the composition.

Mellow Fellow in Yellow
Acrylic on canvas. 140cm x 140cm

Elisa's Story

Elisa,* Italy, aged 33, living with
ulcerative colitis

Elisa had a colonoscopy when she was 25 to help diagnose the cause of her anaemia, and it showed that she had ulcerative colitis. Over the past 8 years Elisa has learned to live with her disease, and now doesn’t let her symptoms get in the way of what she wants to do and achieve.

Note from the artist

I loved the positivity, self-confidence and self-love that is embodied within this story. The drive to work hard, whilst finding quality time to relax, eat well and take care of oneself really stood out.

This painting is a series of overlaid snapshots of a full-on busy life of contentment, with an inherent goal of serenity.

Multitasking, Self Basking in Peach and Yellow
Acrylic on canvas. 140cm x 140cm