Bringing expertise to colonoscopy

Norgine is proud of its long heritage and leadership in colonoscopy. We have consistently innovated and worked in partnership with the colonoscopy community to advance the standards of colonoscopy.


Norgine’s 2017 poll of public attitudes to colonoscopy amongst adults across the EU5 (UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy) found that:1

  • Negative attitudes to colonoscopy diminish following the procedure: 58% felt the procedure was better than expected
  • Despite experiences being better than anticipated, 43% would be embarrassed to have another colonoscopy
  • 45% of those who had not had a colonoscopy knew the procedure could prevent colorectal cancer
  • Patients often believe they need to drink less bowel preparation than they actually need

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We know that a timely, successful colonoscopy is fundamental to the early detection, monitoring and management of bowel-related diseases.

We work with many European and national organisations to promote awareness of colorectal health and increase uptake of colonoscopies.