Bringing expertise to colonoscopy

Norgine is proud of its long heritage and leadership in colonoscopy. We have consistently innovated and worked in partnership with the colonoscopy community to advance the standards of colonoscopy.


We know that colonoscopies can be daunting, but patients have a fundamental role in determining the quality of their procedure. Norgine provides a range of resources to help patients to fully understand and prepare for their colonoscopy, alleviating their concerns.

Patient Reminder Service

A comprehensive series of personalised reminders and digital resources guide patients through each step of taking their bowel preparation. Patients receive a personalised dosing schedule, emails and/or texts when they need to begin each step, along with motivational messages to get them through the tougher parts of the preparation.


Ava, an automated virtual assistant, answers patients' questions about taking their bowel preparation and preparing for their colonoscopy. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, she can also direct patients to useful videos or additional information.

Step-by-step booklets

The booklets provide patients with information on what to expect, how to take their bowel preparation and what to eat, ensuring that they are ready for their colonoscopy. There are individual booklets for each dosing regimen with unique timelines for patients to follow.

Educational video animations for patients

The animations complement the step-by-step booklets, providing the same information for patients who prefer visual resources rather than written ones. Like the booklets, there are separate animations for each dosing regimen so patients receive information that is tailored to them.

Local patient support programmes

We support a variety of patient organisations, helping them to provide valuable resources for patients throughout Europe and increasing the awareness of the importance of good bowel health.